Philosophical Logic

Many of the Department's faculty are actively involved in research in philosophical logic or related areas. We have special interests in logic and artificial intelligence (especially nonmonotonic reasoning and belief revision), modal logics of all kinds (including logics of action, interaction, and deontic logics), conditionals, vagueness, and relations among logic, semantics, and the philosophy of language. The Department has hosted a variety of conferences of interest to philosophical logicians, including an annual meeting of the Society of Exact Philosophy, and is home to the Journal of Philosophical Logic, the leading journal in the field.

Faculty in this area

  • John Horty (Logic and Artificial Intelligence, Modal Logics)
  • Eric Pacuit (Logic, Game Theory, Social Choice Theory)
  • Paul Pietroski (Semantics and Logical Form, Plural Quantification)

Recent seminars in this area

  • Modal Logic (Eric Pacuit, 2012)
  • Social Choice (Michael Morreau, 2010)
  • Default Logic and the Theory of Reasons (Jeff Horty, 2007)
  • Belief Revision and Belief Fusion (Jeff Horty, 2005)
  • Between Meanings and Truth Conditions (Paul Pietroski, 2005)
  • Laws (Michael Morreau, 2005)