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The Philosophy Department contains an active group of researchers working in logic and related areas.  We have special interests in logic and artificial intelligence, modal logics of all kinds (including logics of action, epistemic logics, and deontic logics), conditionals, vagueness, decision theory, social choice theory, and relations among logic, semantics, and the philosophy of language.  There are many opportunities to pursue research in all of these areas and more.   Faculty working in the area:

Ilaria Canavotto

Postdoctoral Researcher, Philosophy

Fabrizio Cariani

Associate Professor, Philosophy

John Horty

Professor, Philosophy

Eric Pacuit

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Paolo Santorio

Associate Professor, Philosophy

The department regularly offers advanced undergraduate courses and graduate seminars covering many topics in mathematical and philosophical logic. In addition, the Logic Seminar is a weekly meeting where faculty and graduate students meet to discuss papers (either published or works in progress) in logic, formal semantics, formal epistemology, game theory and social choice theory. For more information about the Logic Seminar, contact Eric Pacuit (

Recent graduate courses in this area:

  • The Logic of Classes, Types, and Properties, and its Applications (Cariani, 2021)
  • Conditionals and Conditional Reasoning (Santorio, 2021)
  • Logics for Defeasible Reasoning (Horty, 2021)
  • Counterfactuals between Probability and Semantics (Santorio, 2020)
  • Modal Logic (Pacuit, 2019)
  • Incompleteness and Undecidability (Pacuit, 2019)
  • Epistemic Foundations of Game Theory (Pacuit, 2018)