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Awards and Honors

The Schlaretzki Prize

This prize is named after Ernest "Ernie" Schlaretzki, former chair of the philosophy department, and is awarded to our most outstanding graduating senior. 

The 2021 winner is Florence Ning

The 2020 winner is Ariel Levchenko

The 2019 winners are Annie Trang and Allison Whitaker

The Joseph and Beth Duckett Award

This award was established by Joseph and Beth Duckett, parents of a former philosophy major, in order to honor the most outstanding junior philosophy major each year.

The 2021 winners are Antonil Barakat and Rachel Schrier

The 2020 winner is Perry Beamer

The 2019 winners are Ariel Levchenko and Thomas McEvoy Zafiropulos 

Honors in Philosophy

The following students recently graduated with Honors in Philosophy:

Brandon Martinez, Moral Grandstanding and Moral Overconfidence, 2021

Alex Melvin, The Misdirection and Abuse of Artificial Intelligence, 2021

Florence Ning, Blame, Moral Protest, and the Self, 2021

Eunice Cho, Implications of Current Theories of Memory on Personal Identity, 2020

Francis Marcellino, Evolution and Intellectual History of the Frauchigger-Renner Argument (Winner of the Winston Family Honors Award), 2020

Ariel Levchenko, The Personite Problem: Ethical Implications of Time, 2020

Aharon Logue, Virtue Ethics in Moses Hayyim Luzzatto's The Path of the Upright, 2020

Michael Pollack, Epistocracy as an Epistemic Injustice, 2020

Thomas McEvoy Zafiropulos, Personal Identity and Personhood: A New Schema for 'Us,' 2020