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Ethics and Political Philosophy

The Philosophy Department has an active group of researchers working in ethics and political philosophy.  We have special interests in moral psychology, democratic theory, libertarianism, and bioethics. In normative ethics, our research focuses on consent, coercion, exploitation, normative powers, and moral constraints. There are many opportunities to pursue research in all of these areas and more.  Faculty working in ethics and political philosophy:

Susan Dwyer

Associate Professor, Philosophy

1102B Skinner Building
College Park MD, 20742

Samuel Kerstein

Professor and Chair, Philosophy

1106 Skinner Building
College Park MD, 20742

Brian Kogelmann

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Hallie Liberto

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Dan Moller

Professor, Philosophy

1107B Skinner Building
College Park MD, 20742

Rachel Singpurwalla

Associate Professor, Philosophy
Affiliate Faculty, Classics

1120A Skinner Building
College Park MD, 20742

(301) 405-5844

Contact Pat Greenspan for information about reading groups on topics in ethics.  The department regularly offers advanced undergraduate courses and graduate seminars covering many topics in ethics and political philosophy.

 Recent graduate courses in this area:

  • Stoic Ethics and Moral Psychology (Singpurwalla, 2021)
  • Democratic Theory (Kogelmann, 2021)
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy (Moller, 2020)
  • Normative Powers (Liberto, 2019)
  • Capitalism & Its Critics (Moller, 2019)
  • Democracy and Expertise (Kogelmann, 2019)
  • Coercion and Nearby Moral Phenomena (Liberto, 2018)
  • End-of-Life Bioethics (Kerstein, 2017)