Philosophy of Science

Our main focus is on philosophy of the special sciences (physics and biology in particular). There are regular talks and discussion groups in both of these areas, and each year the Department hosts an interdisciplinary conference in New Directions in the Foundations of Physics.

Faculty in this area

Recent seminars in this area

  • Probability and Chance (Aidan Lyon, 2011)
  • Mechanisms (Lindley Darden, 2009)
  • Philosophy of Physics (Jeffrey Bub, 2009)
  • Quantum Mechanics and Metaphysics (Allen Stairs, 2009)
  • Naming, Necessity, and Natural Kinds (Erin Eaker, 2008)
  • Causation (Mathias Frisch, 2008)
  • Mechanisms and Evolutionary Theory (Lindley Darden, 2007)
  • Quantum Theory: The Everett Interpretation (Jeffrey Bub, 2007)
  • Problems in Metaphysics (Michael Morreau, 2007)
  • Science and Values (Mathias Frisch, 2006)
  • Interpreting the Quantum World (Jeffrey Bub, 2006)
  • Laws (Michael Morreau, 2005)