Moral and Political Philosophy

This is a broad area, which could be sub-divided in a number of different ways. Note that in the areas of applied ethics and social and political philosophy, a number of our students have benefited from faculty present in other departments and schools, as well as at Georgetown, George Washington, and George Mason Universities.

Faculty in this area

Recent seminars in this area

  • Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (Rachel Singpurwalla, 2012)
  • Why be Just? (Christopher Morris, 2011)
  • How to Treat Persons (Sam Kerstein, 2011)
  • Moral Strangers to Ourselves (Dan Moller, 2010)
  • Global Justice and Order (Christopher Morris, 2010)
  • Free Will (Patricia Greenspan, 2010)
  • Moral Cognition (Susan Dwyer, 2009)
  • Plato’s Republic (Rachel Singpurwalla, 2009)
  • Respect for Persons (Sam Kerstein, 2009)
  • Fallibilism in Ethics (Dan Moller, 2008)
  • Practical Rationality and Ethics (Patricia Greenspan, 2008)
  • Justice (Christopher Morris, 2007)
  • Ethics and its History (Sam Kerstein, 2006)
  • Expressivism (Mark Schroeder, 2006)
  • On Property (Levine, 2006)
  • Global Justice and Order (Christopher Morris, 2005)
  • Rousseau and his Legacy (Levine, 2005)
  • Practical Rationality (Patricia Greenspan, 2005)