John Horty
AOS: Philosophical Logic, Practical Reasoning
Office: 1101 Skinner Building

John Horty received his BA in Classics and Philosophy from
Oberlin College and his PhD in Philosophy from the University of
Pittsburgh; he is currently a Professor in the Philosophy
Department and the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at
the University of Maryland, as well as an Affiliate Professor in
the Computer Science Department.  His interests include
philosophical logic, artificial intelligence, cognitive science
more generally, theories of practical reasoning, the philosophy
of language, ethics, and the philosophy of law.  Horty is the
author of three books as well as papers on a variety of topics
in logic, philosophy, and computer science.  His work has been
supported by two fellowships from the National Endowment for
Humanities and several grants from the National Science
Foundation; he has held visiting fellowships at the Netherlands
Institute for Advanced Studies, and at the Center for Advanced
Studies in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.


Please see my personal webpage for a list of publications.