Heather V. Adair
Graduate Student

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Maryland. Broadly speaking, my research centers on the structure and function of affect—mental phenomena such as emotions, moods, felt desires, pleasure and pain, etc. My aim is to explore and clarify what, exactly, these affective states do, both in their own right and in relation to other cognitive systems. This focus has lead me to theorize about the role of affect across a number of domains, including the generation of aesthetic pleasure, psychological interest, empathy, and understanding. Prior to starting my graduate work, I studied Philosophy at Smith College, a small, vibrant liberal arts college for women in Northampton, Massachusetts. After college, I taught high school students in Madrid for two years under the funding of the Fulbright Program, and spent two years as a college preparatory counselor in the Bronx.

Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of mind, philosophy of emotion, aesthetics, and moral psychology.

Areas of Competence

Applied ethics, moral psychology.

For more information, please visit my website.