Recent Graduates and Placement

2020 Graduates

Heather Adair  Dissertation: "What Emotion Does: Affect in Empathy, Art, and Beyond"  (Advisor: Peter Carruthers), Position:  Visiting Assistant Prof at Susquehanna University, Fall 2020 - present
Kyley Ewing  Dissertation: "The Existence of Time and Its Relationship to the Reality of Temporal Passage" (Advisor: Allen Stairs), Visiting Assistant Prof at the University of Regina, Fall 2020 - present
Aleks Knoks Dissertation: "Defeasibility in Epistemology" (Advisor: John Horty), Position: Post-doc, University of Zurich, Zurich Epistemology Group on Rationality, Fall 2020

2019 Graduates

Quinn Harr Dissertation: "Epistemic Might: A Non-Epistemic Analysis” (Advisor: Alexander Williams) 

Jimmy Licon  Dissertation: "Epistemological and Practical Challenges to Moral Realism” (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) 

Javiera Perez-Gomez Dissertation: “Disadvantage in Context: From Microaggressions to Healthcare Policy” (Advisor: Samuel Kerstein) Position: Assistant Professor at Marquette University, Fall 2020 - present.

Cindy Phillips  Dissertation: "The Nature of Governmental Authority”   (Advisor: Christopher Morris)

Julius Schönherr Dissertation: “Mindreading for Cooperation: A Moderately Minimalist Approach” (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Position: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Peking University, Beijing.

Moonyoung Song Dissertation: “Art, Fiction, and Explanation” (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: American Society for Aesthetics Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

2018 Graduates

Kelsey Gipe  Dissertation: “Vulnerable Patients, Autonomy, Well-Being, and Death.” (Advisor: Samuel Kerstein) Position: Clinical Ethics Fellow, Sutter Health Program in Medicine and Human Values, San Francisco, 2019-2020.

2017 Graduates

Ryan G. Ogilvie   Dissertation: “An Essay on the Nature of Visual Perception” (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Position: Adjunct Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankat, 2017-Present

Christian Tarsney Dissertation: "Rationality and Moral Risk: A Moderate Defense of Hedging" (Advisor: Dan Moller), Position: Research Fellow (4 years) Global Priorities Programme, University of Oxford, 2018 - present

Evan E. Westra Dissertation: “The architecture and development of mindreading: Beliefs, perspectives, and character” (Advisor Peter Carruthers) Position: Adjunct Professor, University of Rochester, 2017-2018; SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto, St. George, 2018 - present.

2016 Graduates

Logan Fletcher Dissertation: "Visual Insight in Geometry" (Advisor: Peter Carruthers, Co-advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of British Columbia, 2016 - 2018; Visting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of the Pacific, 2018 - present. 

Brock Rough Dissertation: "Are Videogames Art?" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland, 2016 - 2017; Position: Public Sector Advisory Associate, PwC, 2017 - present.

2015 Graduates

Lucas Dunlap Dissertation: “Deutsch’s CTC Model and its Implications for the Foundations of Quantum Theory” (Advisor: Jeffrey Bub) Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Foundations of Physics, Rotman Institute of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, 2015 - 2017, Position: Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania in the Critical Writing Program, 2017 - 2018; Visting Scholar and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Cincinnati 2018 - present.

Mark Engelbert Dissertation: “Innateness in the Sciences: Separating Nature, Nurture, and Nativism” (Advisor: Georges Rey); M.A. in Sustainable (International) Development, School of International Training, 2016. Positions: Senior Analyst for Education Practices , Hanover Research, 2014 - 2015; Indepedent Research Consultant in International Development, 2016 - present.

John Holliday Dissertation: “Why Fiction Matters” (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Teaching Instructor and Assistant Director, Rutgers Writing Program, 2015 - 2018; Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Stanford University, 2018 - present.

Andrew Knoll Dissertation: “The Explanatory Role of Intentional Content in Cognitive Science” (Advisor: Georges Rey) Position: Instructor, University of Maryland, 2016 - 2018; Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Grand Valley State University, 2018 - present.

J. Brendan Ritchie Dissertation: “Representational Content and the Science of Vision” (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Biological Psychology, KU Leuven, 2016 - present.

Christopher Vogel Dissertation: “Internalist Deflationism: On the Limits of Ontological Investigation” (Advisor: Paul Pietroski) Position: Lecturer, University of Maryland, 2016 - 2017, Position: Assistant Professor, Shandong University, 2019 - present.

Sungwon Woo Dissertation: "From Social Choice to System Choice: A Problem for Lewis's Best System Analysis" (Advisor: Aidan Lyon) Position: Lecturer, University of Maryland, 2016 - present.

Michael Zenz Dissertation: “Public Opinion, Preference Instability and Democratic Theory” (Advisors: Eric Pacuit and Christopher Morris) Position: Curriculum and Policy Analyst, College of Letters and Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2014 Graduates

Lane DesAutels Dissertation: "Mechanism and Chance: Toward an Account of Stochastic Mechanism for the Life Sciences" (Advisor: Lindley Darden) Positions:  Postdoctoral Fellow for History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame, August 2014 - 16; Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Missouri Western State University, 2016 - present.

Vincent Picciuto Dissertation: "Consciousness and Mental Quotation: An Intrinsic Higher-order Account" (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Positions: Visiting Assistant Professor (3 yr.), University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, August 2014 - 2015; Business Analyst, Distributed Solution, 2015 - 2017; Position: Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley, 2017-Present. 

2013 Graduates

Aaron Hoitink Dissertation: "Global Justice as Fairness: Non-domination, Human Rights & the Basic Global Structure" (Advisor: Christopher Morris)

Lisa Leininger Dissertation: "B-Coming: Time's Passage in the B-theory Blockworld" (Advisor: Mathias Frisch) Positions:  Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2014 - 15; Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Hobart & William Smith Colleges, 2015 - present.

David McElhoes Dissertation: "The Metaphysics of Multi-Level Explanation" (Advisor: Mathias Frisch) Position:  Instructor, Arizona State University, 2013 - present.

Elizabeth Picciuto  Dissertation: "The Experience of Fiction” (Advisors: Peter Carruthers and Jerrold Levinson) Positions:  Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2013 - 2016; Contributor, The Daily Beast, 2014 - present.

Melissa Ebbers Dissertation: "A Defense of Epistemic Two-dimensional Semantics" (Advisor: Paul Pietroski) Position:  Instructor and On-line Coordinator (open-ended), University of Memphis, 2012 - present.

2012 Graduates

Kent Erickson Dissertation: "On Utterance Interpretation and Metalinguistic-Semantic Competence" (Advisor: Paul Pietroski)

Yu Izumi Dissertation: "The Semantics of Proper Names and Other Bare Nominals" (Advisor: Paul Pietroski) Positions:  Instuctor, University of Maryland, 2013; Instructor, Osaka University, kinki and Takarazuka University (Japan) 2014 - 2016; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Kyoto University, 2015 - present.

Jennifer Runnels Dissertation: "Overly-Great Expectations: Why Political Voluntarism is Impossible, Why Philosophical Anarchism is Unnecessary, and Why That's Not a Problem" (Advisor: Christopher Morris) Position:  Academic Advisor II, College of Liberal Arts/Department of Sociology, Texas A & M University 2014 - present.

Dimiter Kirilov Dissertation: "On the Representation of Objects in the Visual System" (Advisor: Georges Rey) Positions:  Instructor, University of Maryland, George Washington University, George Mason University, &amp Howard University, 2012 - present.

2011 Graduates

Christopher Stevens Dissertation: "Environmental Human Rights, Natural Law Theory, and Nature's Aesthetic Value" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position:  Visiting Assistant Professor, Minnesota State University, Mankato, 2012 - present.

Leland Saunders Dissertation: "The Disunity of Moral Judgement: An Essay in Moral Psychology" (Advisor: Susan Dwyer) Position:  Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Seattle Pacific University, 2012 - present.

Ryan Fanselow Dissertation: "Moral Intuitions and their Role in Justification" (Advisor: Samuel Kerstein) Positions:  Lecturer, University of Maryland, 2011 - 2012. Visiting Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, 2012 - present.

Benedict Chan Dissertation: "An East and West Debate on Human Rights" (Advisor: Christopher Morris) Positions:  Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 yr.), Tulane University, 2011 - 2012. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Hang Seng Management College, 2012 - 2015, Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Hong Kong Baptist University, 2015 - present.

2010 Graduates

Joel Gibson Dissertation: "Freud, Modularity, and the Principle of Charity" (Advisor: Georges Rey) Position:  Instructor, Philosophy Department, University of Maryland 2010 - 2012.

2009 Graduates

Michael Philip Russo Dissertation: "Aristotle on Action and Character" (Advisor: Rachel Singpurwalla) Position:  Adjunct Associate Professor, Long Island University C.W. Campus

Michael C. Cifone Dissertation: "Structuralism and Natural Philosophy: Method, Metaphysics and Explanation" (Advisor: Jeffrey Bub) Positions:  Adjunct Professor, University of San Francisco, 2011 - 2014; Adjunct Professor, Mary Mount Manhattan College, 2015 - present, Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor in Philosophy at the City University of New York (Bronx Community College).

Bijan Parsia Dissertation: "Topic-sensitive belief revision" (Advisor: John Horty) Position:  Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, England, 2007 - 2012; Reader, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, England, 2014 - present.

Erich Christopher Deise Dissertation: "Frame Problems, Fodor's Challenge, and Practical Reason" (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Position:  Software Engineer, Wayfair, 2010 - present.

Elizabeth Schechter Dissertation: "How Many Minds: Individuating Mental Tokens in the Split-Brain Subject" (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Positions:  Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, Oxford University, 2009 - 2011. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Washington University in St Louis, 2011 - present.

Giovanni Valente Dissertation: "Entanglement and Information in Algebraic Quantum Theories" (Advisor: Jeffrey Bub) Positions: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, University of Pittsburgh, 2010 - 2017; Humboldt Fellow in the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians University (München, Germany), 2015 - 2017, Research Meitner Fellow 2017-2018, Associate Professor, Polytechnic University of Milan, 2018 - present. 

Wesley William Van Camp Dissertation: "Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information Theory" (Advisor: Jeffrey Bub) Positions: Instructor, Philosophy Department, George Mason University, 2008 - 2012; Visiting Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech University, 2012 - 2013; Adjunct Professor, Department of Art and Music Prince George's Community College, 2014 - present. 

Vaughn Bryan Baltzly Dissertation: "Diversity, Modesty, Liberty: an Essay on State Neutrality" (Advisor: William Galston) Positions: Visiting Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University, 2008 - 09. Presidential Management Fellow, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2009 - 2013.  Analyst, U.S Government Accountability Office, 2013 - 2016. Instructor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy, 2011 - 2016; Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Texas State University in San Marcos, 2016 - present.

Hsin-Hua Fan Dissertation: "On Popular Sovereignty" (Advisor: Christopher Morris) Positions: Postdoctoral Fellow, Humanities Research Center, National Science Council, Taiwan, 2008 - 2010. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Soochow University, Taiwan, 2010 - present.

2008 Graduates

Christopher Bernard Dissertation: "The Problem of Evil: A Perspectival Approach" (Advisor: Allen Stairs) Position: Instructor, Philosophy Department, Western Washington University; Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Addis Ababa University - present.

Bénédicte Veillet Dissertation: "Consciousness, Concepts and Content" (Advisor: Peter Carruthers) Positions: Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Lafayette College, 2008-2009. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Philosophy Department, University of Maryland, 2009 - 2011. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, University of Michigan, Flint, 2011 - present. 

Darren Hick Dissertation: "The Metaphysics and Ethics of Copyright" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Positions: Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Bucknell University, 2008-09. Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Texas Tech University, 2009-2011. Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Susquehanna University, 2011 - 2013; Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University, 2013 - present.

William Kallfelz Dissertation: "Clifford Algebra: A Case for Geometric and Ontological Simplification" (Advisors: Jeffrey Bub and Michael Silberstein) Positions: Research Fellow, Center for Philosophy and Natural Science, Fetzer-Franklin Foundation, 2008 - 2009; Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, New Mexico State University, 2009 - 2010; Instructor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Mississippi State University, 2010 - present.

Matthew King Dissertation: "Authoring Events: An Attributive Theory of Responsibility" (Advisor: Mark Schroeder) Positions: Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Carleton College, 2009; Postdoctoral Research Associate, Philosophy Department, University of Maryland, 2009; Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Virginia Tech University, 2010 - 2011; Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, St. Bonaventure University, 2011 - 2012; PostDoc (2 yr), Law & Philosophy, UCLA, 2012 - 2013; Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, University of Alabama - Birmingham, 2014 - present.

Heidi Tiedke Savage Dissertation: "It's Just Semantics: Proper Names and Their Role in Fiction" (Advisor: Paul Pietroski) Positions: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Philosophy Department, University of Maryland, 2008-2010; Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2010-2011; Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Rochester, 2011 - 2012; Visiting Assistant Professor, SUNY Geneseo, 2012-2014; Assistant Professor (tenure-track), SUNY Geneseo, 2014 - present.

2007 Graduates

Lori Keleher Dissertation: "Empowerment and Development" (Advisors: Judith Lichtenberg & David Crocker) Position: Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, New Mexico State University, 2007 - present.

Joshua Kassner Dissertation: "Rwanda and the Moral Obligation of Humanitarian Intervention" (Advisor: Christopher Morris) Position: Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Baltimore, 2007 - present.

2006 Graduates

Craig Derksen Dissertation: "An Investigation into Popular Art" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Positions: Instructor, The University of Victoria and  Camosun College 2006 - 07; Assistant Professor (tenure-track), CSU, East Bay, 2007 - present.

Daniel Parker Dissertation: "Thermodynamics, Irreversibility, and Jaynesian Interpretations of Entropy" (Advisor: Jeffrey Bub) Position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Virginia Tech, 2006 - 2012.

Anna Christina Ribeiro Dissertation: "Memorable Moments: A Philosophy of Poetry" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Texas Tech University, 2006 - 12; Associate Professor (tenured), Texas Tech University, 2012 - present. 

Michael Tetzlaff Dissertation: "Bee-ing There: The Systematicity of Honeybee Navigation Supports a Classical Theory of Honeybee Cognition" (Advisors: Peter Carruthers and Georges Rey) Position: Post-Doc, Physics Department, Technion Israel Institute of Technology  

2005 Graduates

Zacharia Myers Dissertation: "Identifying and Eliminating the Problem with Einstein's Cosmological Constant" (Advisors: Jeffrey Bub and James Mattingly); Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Technion, Israel 2010.

Jose Idler-Acosta Dissertation: "The Very Idea of Hispanic Identity" (Advisor: Christopher Morris) Position: Communication Specialist, Courts of the District of Columbia

Scott James Dissertation: "Reason for Rescue: An Essay on Beneficence" (Advisor: Christopher Morris) Position:  Philosophy Department, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Assistant Professor (tenure-track) 2005 - 12, Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 2012 - present.

Andrew Kania Dissertation: "Pieces of Music: The Ontology of Classical, Rock, and Jazz Music" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Trinity University, 2005 - 11. Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Trinity University, 2011 - 2017. Professor, Philosophy Department, Trinity University - present.

Bradley Rives Dissertation: "Concepts: Taking Psychological Explanation Seriously" (Advisor: Georges Rey) Position: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Philosophy Department, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2005 - 11. Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2011 - present.

2004 Graduates

Alessandro Giovannelli Dissertation: "Artistic and Ethical Values in the Experience of Narratives" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Philosophy Department, Lafayette College, 2004 - 10; Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Lafayette College, 2010 - present.

Teresa Marie Chandler Dissertation: "Identification and Autonomy" (Advisor: Raymond Martin) Position: Lecturer, Philosophy Department, California State Unviersity at Long Beach, 2004 - present.

2003 Graduates

David Lefkowitz Dissertation: "A Moral Contractualist Defense of Political Obligation" (Advisor: William Galston) Positions: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Philosophy Department, University of North Carolina at Greenboro, 2004 - 09. Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, University of Richmond, 2009 - present.

2002 Graduates

Nancy Hall Dissertation: "R. A. Fisher and Randomized Experimental Design" (Advisor: Lindley Darden) Position: Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Delaware, 2002 - present.

2001 Graduates

Matthew McCabe Dissertation: "Ethical Caring and the Physician/Patient Relationship: A Dual Defense of a Virtue Ethics of Care." (Advisor: Michael Slote) Positions: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of Philosophy & Religion, Washington College, 2005 - 11; Associate Professor (tenured), Department of Philosophy & Religion, Washington College, 2011 - present.

Tetsuji Iseda Dissertation: "Socialization of Epistemology: For a Better Relationship Between Epistemology and the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge" (Advisor: Frederick Suppe) Positions: Lecturer (tenured), School of Informatics and Sciences, Nagoya University, (Japan), 2000 - 08; Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University (Japan), 2008 - present.

2000 Graduates

Michael Cohen Dissertation: "Scientific Theory Testing Through Computer Model Validation" (Advisor: Frederick Suppe) Position: Lead Engineer, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Mitre Corporation, 2000 - present.

Robert Alan Skipper Dissertation: "The R. A. Fisher-Sewall Wright Controversy in Philosophical Focus: Theory Evaluation in Population Genetics" (Advisor: Lindley Darden) Position: Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, University of Cincinnati, 2007 - present.

1999 Graduates

James Edward Haynes Dissertation: "Semantic Nativism and the Language of Thought: Some Implications of the American Sign Language for Fodor's Innateness Hypothesis" (Advisor: Michael Devitt) Position: Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Gallaudet University, 1999-2004 (passed away in December 2004). 

Ruth Kastner Dissertation: "Time-Symmetrized Quantum Theory: A Critique" (Advisor: Jeffrey Bub) Position: Research Associate, Philosophy Department, University of Maryland, 1999 - present, Position: Senior Research Fellow at the New School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen (Russia) .

Sara Vollmer Dissertation: "Scientific Observation: Image and Reality" (Advisor: Frederick Suppe) Position: Assistant Research Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1999 - present. 

Saam Trivedi Dissertation: "Art as Communication: A Philosophical Inquiry" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Brooklyn College, 2005 - present.

Ramon Das Dissertation: "Balancing Human Rights and Prerogatives" (Advisor: Michael Slote) Position: Senior Lecturer (tenured), Philosophy Department, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, 1999 - present.

Gerard Emershaw Dissertation: "Meaningful Lives and the Meaning of Life" (Advsor: S. Jack Odell) Positions: Adjunct Professor, York College, 2000; Instructor, Philosophy Department, Wilkes University, 2004 - 2006.

1998 Graduates

Nancy Matchett Dissertation: "The Virtues of Sharing" (Advisor: Michael Slote) Positions: Lecturer and Subject Matter Expert, Center for Ethical Deliberation, University of Denver, 1999 - 2007; Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Northern Colorado, 2007 - present.

1997 Graduates

Monique Roelofs Dissertation: "Aesthetic Experiences and Their Place in the Mind" (Advisor: Jerrold Levinson) Position: Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Hampshire College, 1997 - present.

Scott David Gelfand Dissertation: "Morality and Justice as Restricted Benevolence" (Advisor: Michael Slote) Position: Associate Professor (tenured), Philosophy Department, Oklahoma State University, 1997 - present.