PHIL848O     Seminar in Ethics: Philosophy of Emotion
Semester:Fall 2016
Instructor: Patricia Greenspan
Room:SKN 1116
Meeting Times:Tu 4:00pm - 6:30pm

This course will focus on a recent text by two authors, Deonna and Teroni, who ultimately argue for their own theory of the nature of emotions and their connection to value.  On the way they give a comprehensive account of competing contemporary theories, drawing connections to issues in recent epistemology and philosophy of mind.  Among the views explained and critiqued are those that see emotions in desire/belief terms, as evaluative judgments, and as perceptions of value properties.  Once their own account is on the table, the authors apply it to issues they characterize as epistemological, including the justification of emotions and the role they play in giving us knowledge of values.   

Students with knowledge of related work in cognitive science or other areas will be most welcome, but the course won’t assume any prior knowledge of work on emotion.