2021 Graduates

Mikheil Kharebava

I am very glad to have studied philosophy because it has vindicated all of my strange childhood thoughts and fascinations. It has connected me to people throughout the ages by showing me that every question is worth asking and that we all ask the same basic questions regardless of where or when we live. I hope to attend law school to utilize the skills I've learned and to further my understanding of topics I find important.

Alex Melvin

I am interested in the ethics and theory of computer science, but I also like to philosophize on just about anything. I’m also an amateur musician and filmmaker. My studies in philosophy have done more than giving me knowledge---I've developed new ways to perceive and conceptualize the world and my own being. Philosophy is all about sharpening your mind and gaining new ways of thinking. I will cherish many teachings, discussions, and experiences I've had with professors and fellow classmates.

Florence Ning

Being a philosophy major at UMD changed how I discuss, write, and learn. I am extremely thankful to the professors and graduate students in the department for providing me a space to explore my philosophical passions. I hope to exemplify their kindness and intellectual curiosity as an incoming corps member for Teach for America!

Noemi Swierski

Studying Philosophy at the University of Maryland provided me with the means for comprehending complex questions and ideas. Philosophy has helped me become a better student, and most importantly, a better human being.

Saba Tshibaka

Saba is a student leader and activist involved in many groups and activities promoting diversity and inclusion. She spent three years in various clubs’ executive boards, two years as a tutor with the Academic Achievement Program, and a year as a manager at the College Park Black-owned business, Milk & Honey. She has also held internships with the U.S. Department of Treasury and Google Inc. She is the co-founder of Black Terps Matter at UMD, which is an Anti-racist coalition. | View Saba's website | Black Terps Matter | Saba's projects.

Destiny Ward

I will be graduating this spring with a Major in Philosophy, a certificate in African American Studies, and a Black Women’s Studies minor. Thank you Maryland and thank you Philosophy department for helping me to expand my knowledge, enhance my critical thinking skills, and become an advanced writer. The best is yet to come!

Tierra Watson

My future plans are to attend law school within the next two years and join the workforce. Philosophy has taught me depth of how and why things work in the way that they do. It taught how to make a strong argument as well.