Reading Groups

Work in Progress Seminar
A weekly meeting where faculty, graduate students, and visitors present their work in progress. The speaker will present their work for 30-40 minutes followed by 20-30 minutes of questions. For more information, contact Paolo Santorio (
Logic Seminar The Logic Seminar is a weekly meeting where faculty, research associates, postdocs, and graduate students meet to discuss papers (either published or works in progress) in logic, formal semantics, formal epistemology, game theory and social choice theory. For more information, contact Eric Pacuit (
Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) promotes marginalized perspectives within academic philosophy by organizing reading groups, lectures, and film screenings concerning topics pertaining to race, gender, and class, and by hosting undergraduate and graduate social events. For more information, contact
Philosophy of Mind Reading Group Meets weekly during term to discuss recent papers of philosophical interest in cognitive science as well as classic and recent papers by philosophers on philosophy of psychology. In the past, students who have attended the seminar for two semesters and written a paper for it have counted the reading group toward the program's seminar requirement. For further information contact Peter Carruthers (