Philosophy, Politics and Economics

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The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) undergraduate major is an interdisciplinary program that teaches students insights and methods from the fields of philosophy, political science, and economics to help them think better about pressing social and political questions: How should we live together?  What would be the best way for us to organize our social and political institutions? How should we address our most difficult problems, from inequality to discrimination to immigration to climate change?

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Disciplinary Foundations (All required) (18 credits)

  • PHIL140: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHIL245: Political and Social Philosophy I
  • ECON200: Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON201: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • GVPT170: American Politics
  • PLCY100: Foundations of Public Policy

Core Sequence (All required) (9 credits)

  • PHPE400: Individual and Group Decision-Making
  • PHPE401: Social Philosophy and Political Economy
  • PHPE402: Senior Capstone Seminar in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Electives (Four required) (12 credits)

  • Any PHPE course at the 300-400 level, besides PHPE400, PHPE401, and PHPE402.
  • AASP301: Applied Policy Analysis and the Black Community
  • AASP314: The Civil Rights Movement
  • AASP499A: Special Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community
  • BMGT468Y: Entrepreneurial Capitalism Around the World
  • COMM330: Argumentation and Public Policy
  • COMM458: Seminar in Political Communication
  • COMM469: The Discourse of Social Movements
  • ECON311: American Economic History Before the Civil War
  • ECON312: American Economics After the Civil War
  • GVPT409I: The Politics of Human Rights
  • GVPT439A: Comparative Constitutional Law
  • HIST326: The Roman Republic
  • HIST328L: Selected Topics in History; Empires, Revolutions and Cold Wars
  • HIST339A: Special Topics in History; History of Socialism
  • HIST415: Ideas and Politics in Europe Since 1900
  • HIST450: American Capitalism, 1600-1900
  • HIST451: American Capitalism, 1900-present
  • PHIL338D: Studies in Value Theory; The Ethics of Sex
  • PHIL338J: Studies in Value Theory; Supreme Law: The Constitution, Morality, and the Courts
  • PHIL341: Ethical Theory
  • PHIL344: Philosophy of Race
  • PHIL347: Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL440: Contemporary Ethical Theory
  • PHIL445: Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • PHIL446: Law, Morality, and War
  • WMST 400: Theories of Feminism

Total Credits: 39 credits, or 13 courses.

A PPE student may petition the Director of PPE to have an individual course (300-level or above) count as an elective contributing to that student's completion of the PPE major.

Director of the PPE Program

Brian Kogelmann
Room 1110c , Skinner Building

Undergraduate Advisors

Charles Barclay and Casey Enos

During Fall 2020, all undergraduate advising will be done remotely. Please e-mail with questions or to schedule a virtual appointment. Please include your UID number when emailing the advisors.

You may e-mail with questions. Please include your UID number when emailing the advisors.