Christian James Tarsney
Graduate Student
AOS: Metaphysics (esp. Philosophy of Time)
Office: SKN 1118D
Christian Tarsney (BA, University of Minnesota) entered the Department of Philosophy as a graduate student in 2011. As an undergraduate, his areas of study included logic, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and ancient history.

Christian's current research interests include topics in metaphysics, philosophy of mind, decision theory, and value theory. In the immediate term, his work is focused on two topics: first, the connection between the putative passage of time and the nature of personal identity across time; and second, the problems associated with practical reasoning under conditions of moral/normative uncertainty.

Spring 2016
PHIL245 Political and Social Philosophy I
Summer 2015
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy
Summer 2014
PHIL308A Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Time's Arrow
Spring 2014
PHIL308X Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Metaphysics of Mind
Winter 2014
PHIL308K Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophy of Time