Christian Tarsney
Graduate Student
AOS: Ethics
Office: SKN 1118D

I was born in Chicago and grew up in St. Louis Park, Minnesota (just outside Minneapolis). I did my BA in Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, concentrating on logic and philosophy of math but eventually writing an undergraduate thesis on the "temporal value asymmetry" (our preference that unpleasant experiences lie in the past rather than the future, and pleasant experiences in the future rather than the past), a topic that continues to fascinate me. After entering the PhD program at Maryland in 2011, I became interested in the problem of rational decision-making under normative uncertainty, which is now the topic of my dissertation and my primary area of research. When I'm not thinking about philosophy, I'm probably either coaching high school debate or listening to history podcasts.

Tarsney, C. (forthcoming). "Moral Uncertainty for Deontologists" Ethical Theory and Moral Practice.

Tarsney, C. (forthcoming). "Thank Goodness That's Newcomb: The Practical Relevance of the Temporal Value Asymmetry" Analysis.

Tarsney, C. (forthcoming). "Intertheoretic Value Comparison: A Modest Proposal" Journal of Moral Philosophy.

Tarsney, C. (2017). "Does a Discount Rate Measure the Costs of Climate Change?" Economics & Philosophy.

Spring 2016
PHIL245 Political and Social Philosophy I
Summer 2015
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy
Summer 2014
PHIL308A Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Time's Arrow
Spring 2014
PHIL308X Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Metaphysics of Mind
Winter 2014
PHIL308K Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Philosophy of Time