Andrew Knoll
AOS: Philosophy of Mind & Cognitive Science
Office: SKN 1109

I received a Ph.D. from Maryland in 2015, writing a dissertation on The Explanatory Role of Intentional Content in Cognitive Science. With that concern in mind, I research such diverse domains as early visual processing, phonology, and insect navigation.

Carleton College granted my B.A. summa cum laude in 2005. I majored in philosophy, with a concentration in cognitive science. Before enrolling in graduate school, I worked at the Guthrie Theater for a time, and continue to teach aesthetics and the philosophy of theater.

My project is to clarify the explanatory role that representations with intentional content—representations that are about things—play in the cognitive sciences.

My article, Arthropod Intentionality?, with Georges Rey, will soon appear in the Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Animal Minds. It argues that intentional states do help explain honeybee navigation, but don't help explain desert ant navigation.

I have several other papers under review addressing the role intentional content plays in Bayesian theories of mind, early vision processing, and phonology. Please contact me if you're interested in reading them.

Spring 2017
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy
Fall 2016
PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL233 Philosophy in Literature
Spring 2016
PHIL308P Studies in Contemporary Philosophy: Actors, Characters and Performances
PHIL309F Philosophical Problems: Thinking about Non-Existent Things
Fall 2015
PHIL100 Introduction to Philosophy
Spring 2015
PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues
Fall 2014
PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues
Spring 2014
PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues
Summer 2013
PHIL308P Studies in Contemporary Philosophy; Actors, Characters and Performances