Aleks Knoks
Graduate Student
AOS: Philosophical Logic, Logic and AI, Formal Epistemology
Office: SKN 1120B


I joined the UMD Philosophy Department in 2013. If you asked me what I do, I'd define myself as a philosophically minded logician. This, at least, is where my more serious research lies. Some of the areas I've worked in are dialogical logic, deontic logic, adaptive logics, nonmonotonic reasoning, and epistemic game theory---the research tab contains some more info. Before coming to UMD, I did an MA in philosophy in my home country Latvia---here's where it is---and an MSc in logic at ILLC, Amsterdam.

When I have free time, I enjoy studying langauges and reading literary fiction.


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[2] Uckelman S.L., Alama J., Knoks A. (2014): A Curious Dialogical Logic and Its Composition Problem. In: Journal of Philosophical Logic, 43(6): 1065–100

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Winter 2017
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic
Winter 2016
PHIL170 Introduction to Logic
Fall 2015
PHIL370 Symbolic Logic