PHIL879G     Seminar in Philosophy and Cognitive Studies: Early Intentionality in Language and Vision
Semester:Fall 2015
Instructor: Georges Rey
Room:SKN 1116
Meeting Times:Th 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Theories of content and intentionality have tended to focus on everyday ascriptions to fully intelligent adults.  I think a more promising avenue of research is to look at the role of intentionality in theories of less intelligent systems, e.g., perceptual ones, particularly in areas where there has been fairly rich empirical research, such as linguistics and theories of vision.  This seminar will look at work in both, using relevant portions of my book ms. on Chomsky that discuss the surprisingly contested role of intentionality in his theory of grammar; portions of Andrew Knoll's dissertation discussing intentionality in phonology and vision; as well as related readings of, e.g., Burge, Chomsky, Collins, Devitt, Egan, Fodor and Siegel.