PHIL838L     Beauty, Aesthetic Experience, and the Asethetics of the Ordinary
Semester:Fall 2013
Instructor: Jerrold Levinson
Room:SKN 1116
Meeting Times:4:30pm - 7:15pm

The likely texts are some or all of the following books, plus related articles from the literature:

Malcolm Budd, The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature (Oxford)

Thomas Leddy, The Extraordinary in the Ordinary (Broadview)

Yuriko Saito, Everyday Aesthetics (Oxford)

Jane Forsey, The Aesthetics of Design (Oxford)

Crispin Sartwell, Six Names of Beauty (Routledge)

Roger Scruton, Beauty (Oxford)

Essays by Stephen Davies, Hans Maes, Sherri Irvin, the instructor, and others.