PHIL412     The Philosophy of Plato
Semester:Fall 2013
Instructor: Rachel Singpurwalla
Room:SKN 1112
Meeting Times:11:00am - 12:15pm

This course will be primarily devoted to a close study of Plato’s masterpiece, the Republic.  Socrates’ main aim in the Republic is to argue that we have reason to be just.  But during the course of his argument, Socrates provides a theory of our moral psychology, a theory of the best organization of the state, a theory of what exists along with a related theory of what we can know and how we can know it, and a theory of the nature and value of art.  We will follow the main line of argument for the claim that justice pays while also trying to understand and evaluate the details of Plato’s particular positions in, for example, psychology, politics, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics.  Participants can expect to come away from this course with a deep understanding of Plato’s central work, and thus with a solid background in Plato’s philosophy, particularly his distinctive approach to answering fundamental questions in ethics.